Rainbow wallpaper ATCs

These are not your ordinary wallpaper samples! I nabbed a sample of some white textured wallpaper a few weeks back, as I thought it might look good painted. I cut the sample up into squares of about 6″ or so, and my son and I set down with his paints. He did a couple of pictures, whilst I set about preparing some unusual backgrounds. I painted a few squares in single colours, to create potential backing papers. Then I decided to use multiple colours, and this is what I ended up with. I made sure that I only painted lightly, so that the texture still shows through.

Rainbow Owl

I love my rainbow colours, so painting a rainbow backing page was obvious to me. To make the ATC I simply mounted the wallpaper onto some card to make it sturdy, and glued on a rather unusually coloured owl! The owl was, I think, cut from some free papers from a craft magazine, and I coloured him in with my marker pens. I love his bright yellow eyes!


Wallpaper Rainbow

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll recognise this quote. It’s one I use a lot, because it works so well with rainbows. Before I painted this one I made sure it was pretty much cut to an ATC size as I didn’t want to end up cutting off one side of the rainbow or something equally daft. Writing the quote onto a thin strip of plain white card was like revisiting my childhood – I used to love writing every different letter in a different colour! After I cut the strip up I coloured the edges in with a marker pen – my marker pens tend to bleed into certain types of card, giving quite a rough finish to the edging. I thought this worked really well with the textured look of the backing.



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