Random ATCs

Here’s two more ATCs made for swaps on Swap-Bot.

Recycled Robot

So many random bits and pieces on this one! I wanted my robot to look metallic, so I hunted down lots of… well, rubbish really. I used a sweet wrapper for the head, and the foil top from a bottle of milkshake for the body. The antennae were made with leftover pieces of craft wire, gems for the eyes and nose, and a teeny tiny bit of leftover peel-off for the mouth (never throw anything away – see?!). The legs, as you can probably work out, were just a couple of paperclips, with some silver ribbon arms, and brown gems to make grabby hands. I drew rivets on the robot with a fine permanent marker pen, and decided to do the same around the edge of the ATC to match.



This ATC was made specifically for my swap partner. Her favourite constellation is Orion, so I gathered up all the peel-off sheets I could find that had stars on them (a surprising number, actually!), and set about placing them accurately to create the constellation. Luckily I had a few picture to copy (thank you Google images!), so it was just a case of working out which star to put where, so that they would all fit on nicely. I added a couple of gems, and used a white pen to connect the stars together in the traditional shape of Orion. A few peel-off letters in the corner clarifies it!



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