Punched heart ATCs

I was recently lucky enough to win a random envelope of crafty goodies from someone on Swap-Bot. She sent me all sorts of bits and pieces, and nestled at the bottom of the envelope was a hoarde of teeny tiny punched hearts, made from loads of different types of paper. There must have been well over a hundred of them in there, but out of all of the other lovely stuff she sent, it was those teeny tiny hearts that got the creative juices flowing. Here’s what I came up with.

Heart of Hearts

I just couldn’t resist this. I drew a very rough heart on a red ATC blank in pencil, and then proceeded to cover it up with the little heart punches. I have no idea how many I used, but I still had plenty left over! I love the fact that the hearts are all different colours, and made from different papers (in fact, some of them are clearly punches from book pages – something I’d not thought of doing before, but may well try in the future). To finish it off, I wrote the word ‘love’ in the bottom corner, and covered the whole of the big heart in Anita’s Clear Gloss Finish to give it added shine and really make it stand out. It also makes the surface nice and smooth, and the chance of any of the little hearts falling off now is extremely slim!


Patchwork Flowers

As I still had so many hearts left over, I promptly made another ATC. For this one I divvied the hearts up into 4 groups of five (I tried to make sure I had a selection of colours and papers in each set). By placing the five hearts in a circle I created a sweet little flower. Four of these mounted on some gingham style backing paper, with adhesive gems in the centre looks really cute. I used a brown pen to draw around the flowers to highlight them, and made a zig-zag border around the whole lot.


I think that punching out tiny shapes is a fantastic way to use up any little scraps of pretty papers you have left over from other projects. By saving them up, eventually you’ll have enough to make something else. Just another reason not to throw stuff away!


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