Up-cycled ATCs

So. You already know that I can’t bear to throw away anything that could possibly be one day useful for crafting. And here is some more proof.


This is a bit of a cheaty ATC really. The little ‘dude’ is actually cut from a pair of swimming trunks my son had grown out of. It was just the perfect size!! I mounted it onto card, put a matching green brad in each corner, and coloured a white ATC blank to match, and stuck it on. Pretty straightforward really, but too cute!



More ‘rubbish’ used up. I always keep the remnants of cross-stitch thread I have left at the end of a project. For this ATC I just took two lengths of blue thread that were about 5 or 6 inches long, painted a dark blue ATC blank with PVA glue, and randomly draped the threads across the ATC. Once it had dried I realised that some bits of it hadn’t stuck very well, so I painted another coat of the glue on, and now it’s all secure, and nice and shiny. The three little blue flower gems in the centre just give it some focus.



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