Dolphin ATC

I was sorting out some of my craft room the other day when I discovered two sweet little peel-off dolphins that I had made many moons ago. One peel-off had been stuck to dark blue handmade paper, and the other to regular paper and coloured in. I’d obviously cut them out with the intention of doing *something* with them, but I have no idea what. But as I rescued them from the depths of a ‘randoms’ box, they just seemed to call out to me. So I stopped what I was doing and made them into an ATC. And I wonder why my craft room never seems to get any tidier.


I had some blue tissue paper tucked away which I dug out and tore up into strips. There are actually four shades of blue on the ATC, but only two of them really show up. I mounted the palest shade at the back, and layered the rest with the torn edges at the top. It looked a bit plain at that point, so I got out my trusty Anita’s Clear Gloss Finish, and dragged it across the ATC to create shiny waves. Because it dries slightly raised, it gives a nice textured finish to the backing too. I stuck on my little dolphins, and added a peel-off sentiment at the bottom. I’m really pleased with how this ATC has come out, and I’m sure the dolphins are much happier too. 😉



2 responses to “Dolphin ATC

  1. Love the wave effect. Might have to get me some of that polish. I know I had a birthday card from you with some similar dolphins, maybe that’s where it is from.

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