A – Z challenge: H is for…

H is for Happy Birthday!

Apart from Christmas, birthdays are my biggest events in card making. I make loads throughout the year in an effort to have some in stock when a birthday creeps up on me unnoticed. Cards for men are always the most difficult. I have found 3D decoupage useful in this respect. 3D decoupage is the art of building up a three dimensional picture by layering aspects of the same picture:


You can find a decoupage sheet of an appropriate interest (or alternatively make your own by printing multiple copies of the same picture) to tailor the card perfectly to your recipient.


Kids birthdays are the best fun, here’s a couple I made yesterday.



I love to personalise kids cards with their name. It makes it that bit more special (I do the same with baby cards too). The second of the above cards is for my nephew, who be 6 (obviously) at the end of the month. I’m particularly pleased with this one as the Beano backing paper is actually just gift wrap. It was received last year by my son on his birthday (“take the paper off carefully, Isaac, CAREFULLY!”) and I have been waiting for a good opportunity to use it. The number 6 I drew free-hand onto paper, cut it out to check sizes and proportions, and then used it as a template to create the gold card version. I then highlighted the edges of the card and the 6 in brown marker pen, attached the number with sticky foam pads to raise it up a little, and finished it off with some sticky peel-off letters.
It was an easy card to make, and so much nicer (and cheaper!) than a store bought equivalent.