Ephemera ATCs

Ephemera is defined as something that is used or enjoyed for a short time only, or something that was only expected to have short term usefulness, for example a train ticket, or theatre programme. I regard using ephemera in my craft as a form of recycling – often ephemera is something that most people would throw away, but a hoarder like me would keep!

I’ve recently made a couple of ATCs using *my* definition of ephemera.

En Francais

Someone sent me a gorgeous notecard in a beautiful matching envelope. I’ve kept the notecad, but thought that the envelope was just too pretty to just throw away. So I cut it up, and used it on an ATC. The backing paper is the design from the inside of the envelope, and the little mock-stamps and images of France decorated the outside of it. I had fairly recently received a page from an old French dictionary in a swap, so I found a suitable word, cut it out, mounted it on a bit of ribbon, and arranged all the other bits around it. I outlined each of the images and also the ATC itself with a red pen to match the ribbon, et voila!



Friday afternoon

No, this ATC was not named for when it was made, but more because this is what I require to get me through a Friday afternoon! Someone sent me some ribbon in a swap, which was wrapped around a piece of card from a pack of Hershey’s chocolate. I just couldn’t resist cutting out the square of chocolate from the packaging and using it on an ATC! The lovely chocolate brown striped ribbon top and bottom works perfectly with the main focus, and I added the buttons in the corners just to finish it off.



When you start crafting, especially making ATCs which are so tiny, but can be created from anything and everything, you really start to look at the things around you differently. I love being able to use ‘trash’ in my craft – you can’t get away with it as much in card making, but with ATCs there are no rules really, apart from size. Your imagination can go wild, and it’s great to see the range of crazy art your brain can come out with, if you only let it!


Map ATCs

I was sorting out some bits and pieces recently when I came across an old diary, which contained a section of maps at the back. Rather than throw the whole lot away I thought ‘I bet I can do something with those!’ and used them to make the following ATCs.


I discovered that the overview map of the UK from the diary was just the right size to fit perfectly on an ATC, so I cut it out to use as a backing paper. I then cut strips from another, more close-up map and glued them over the top. I outlined the ATC using silver peel-off borders, and outlined each map strip in silver pen. Finally, using Anita’s 3D Clear Gloss Finish I highlighted one area name on each strip. It was a very simple ATC to make, but I think it works really nicely. I can’t wait to send it to someone overseas!



From here…to here

These two ATCs comprise my first ever ‘series’ as they are basically the same. ‘From here’ shows my place of birth circled with a Hugz circle embellishment (like a big circular brad). I drew and cut out the big arrow by hand, and used some fab vellum letter stickers for the words. ‘To here’ is pretty much the same, but shows where I live now. I really like these. Because they’re so personal though I might not swap them, and keep them for my own collection instead.