How to make a ribbon flower

I recently recieved some lovely ribbon flowers in a Swap-Bot swap. My swap partner said that she had made them herself, so I just *had* to find out how! I have to say, I was really impressed with how easy they are to make, and lovely they look. I thought I’d share with you how to do it. It’s also a great way of using up ribbon scraps, as you only need a few inches of ribbon depending on its width.

Step one.

Take approximately 4-6 inches of ribbon depending on its width and how ‘ruffled’ you want the finished flower to look. A wider ribbon will need a longer lenth. You will also need a small amount of thread in a matching colour (abouth the same length of thread as the ribbon will be ample), and a brad or button to finish the flower off. I used some leftover cross-stitch thread (this is why I keep so much ‘rubbish’!).


Step two.

Sew a couple of stitches into one corner of the ribbon, or be lazy like me and just tie the thread in a knot to secure it. As this will become the centre of the flower it won’t be very visible, especially if you’re using a biggish brad or button in the middle.

Once the thread is secure, make a running stitch along one edge of the ribbon. Bear in mind that the bigger you make the stitches, the more depth the flower will have – if you’re planning on mounting it to a card to send in the post this could well turn a ‘standard letter’ into a ‘large letter’ and cost you more to post!


Step three.

Once you have stitched down the whole of one side of the ribbon, you’ll need to pull it tight so that the ribbon ruffles up, like so:


Step four.

You can now either sew the two ends of the ribbon together, or use the ends of the thread and tie them together. It’s going to depend how long a piece of ribbon you used as to which option will look better. Finally, I sewed up the ribbon width, just to keep the outer edges together nicely (you can just about see this in the next picture).


And that’s it! You can glue or sew a button onto the front of the flower, or use a brad through the centre to attach it to your craft. In the ATC below I used black brads through red flowers to make poppies. The poppy stems are made from thin slivers of leftover Funky Foam. You can also see how one flower is a bit more ruffled that the other – I obviously used a longer piece of ribbon for that one!


I’m going to post a few more ribbon flower related pictures soon – I will link back here so you can see how else you can use them.