Vintage card and ATC

Early planning

I am writing this post so far in advance that I’m almost bound to forget that I’ve done it. I am unable to publish this post any earlier as the card I’m showing you is for my very good friend Stacey, whose birthday is today (happy birthday Stacey!!). I do hope she likes it.


The papers I used for this card (and the idea too, actually) was from issue 91 of Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine. The magazine suggests using old cigarette cards for crafting. Now, I had a look on eBay, but the only nice ones cost a fortune, so I decided to print my own. Unfortunately my printer ink was running low, hence the unusual skin colour, but that aside, I thought it still looked nice and ‘vintage’.

I loved the vintage look of the card so much that I ended up making an ATC along the same lines too, using a strip of vintage lace and an old button to set it all off.



Various cards

Birthday girl

Here’s a few random cards I’ve been making recently. This first one was made using some free stamps I got with my Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine, which are really lovely. I coloured the image in with pencils, mounted it onto spotty paper, put a strip of striped paper down the side of the card, and stamped ‘Happy Birthday’ three times in the corner, using a different colour ink for the middle one.


Blue Flower

Again, the backing papers for this card came free with a magazine, although I can’t remember which one. I used my flower punch on two colours of patterned paper to make the little flowers, then found a bigger blue flower from my extensive stash to match. Tiny blue brads hold the flowers together, and I mounted them to the card using double sided tape.



I love this card, the colours are so fab! The gorgeous sparkly flower I received as part of a swap from Swap-Bot. There was a whole packet full of them, and I spent many happy minutes sorting through them and choosing which ones to mount together. Once I’d chosen the red & orange theme, I knew exactly which ribbon to use with the flower – also received from a (different) swap! The ribbon is unlike any I have seen before – it has almost a gauze-like outer layer, surrounding red and orange fibres inside it. So beautiful! And so quick to make! The most time-consuming part of the process was working out how to attach the see-through ribbon to the card without the edges fraying, or the adhesive being either visible or ‘feelable’ through the fabric. I ended up using super-strong double sided tape at the top and bottom of the card, but folded the ribbon over itself before attaching it, so there is about 10mm of double thickness ribbon at the top and bottom to hide both the tape and the stickiness. You can just about see it if you look closely.


Bird Cards

Late last year, under the guise of a Christmas present to myself, I subscribed to Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine. Each month I get a magazine full of ideas, plus some freebies. This month the freebies included a set of clear stamps and some rather gorgeous backing papers that I just had to have a play with. My inspiration has been sadly lacking lately, so a couple of these cards are pretty much copies of ideas in the magazine, but I still have heaps of the backing papers left, so hopefully once my inspiration returns I’ll be able to make some more to my own design.




I’ve added my own little twists to each card with the addition of Card Candi, buttons and brads. I really enjoyed making them, despite having to have *every* piece of backing paper spread over every available surface in order to be able to choose which to use!

Advent Challenge: Day 15 – Snowy Branch

Day 15: Snowy Branch



This was one of the first cards I created this year. It’s made up of some bits and bobs that had been languishing at the bottom of my Christmas craft drawer. The snowy branch design was once again, free with a magazine, although I got it so long ago that I have no idea which one. I blinged it up a bit by adding glitter glue and mounted it onto some silver holographic starred cardstock. This makes it nice and sparkly, which I think works well against the subtlety of the organza snowflake ribbon, which I received in a swap.

To make this card:

  • Cut out a snowy branch from the free papers of a magazine, or alternatively make your own by rubber stamping the image of a branch, and then adding snowflakes around it.
  • Mount the branch onto holographic silver cardstock, and cut around it again, leaving a narrow border.
  • Highlight the snowflakes on the branch with some iridescent glitter glue.
  • Fix a long strip of snowflake ribbon a quarter of the way up a narrow card blank.
  • Mount the snowy branch topper to the right of the card, overlapping the ribbon. Use adhesive foam pads to make the branch stand out from the card.
  • Place a small greeting peel-off just above the ribbon on the left of the card.

Organza ribbon can be really hard to fix to a card successfully because if you use glue or tape it will show through. I tend to cut the ribbon long, fold it around the edge of the card, and then use double sided tape to secure it on the reverse. This looks neat from the front, but untidy from inside the card unless you also use a card insert, which is simply a piece of paper cut to the same size as the card, and glued to the inside of the card front. Inserts help to hide all manner of things – the legs from a brad for example. The other advantage of using inserts in lots of you cards is that you can print out your greeting onto them, saving many precious Christmas card writing minutes!

Advent Challenge: Day 13 – Tis the Season

Day 13: Tis the Season


In yesterday’s Kraft Angels post, I told you about the gorgeous free papers I’d received in an issue of Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine. Today’s card is another example of the sort of thing you can make with free papers, and how inspirational they are. I love how the backing papers, toppers and embellishments all match – not just in colour, but also in terms of their style. When you’re making cards using your stash, it can sometimes be very hard matching the style of things together – they may be the same colour, but a cutesy cartoon animal topper isn’t going to go with a classic traditional backing paper. Magazine freebies take all that worry away, and leave you free to concentrate on being inspired with what to make.

To make this card:

  • Cut out a rectangle of coloured squares backing paper just slightly smaller than your card blank.
  • Edge the backing paper using a brown inkpad, and once it is dry, stick it to the centre of your card blank using double sided tape.
  • Fix a piece of black gingham ribbon across the centre of the card. I find using narrow double sided tape works well for this.
  • Mount a ‘Tis the Season’ topper over the middle of the ribbon using adhesive foam pads.
  • Take the die-cut flower and gently curl the petals, using your fingers.
  • Edge the flower using a brown inkpad, then stick it to the top right corner of the card, slightly overlapping the topper. Place the foam pads just in the centre of the flower to enable to petals to maintain their curl.
  • Finally, put a clear adhesive gem in the centre of the flower, and glue tiny buttons on either side of the ‘Tis the season’ topper.

I did only use about 2 inches of ribbon on this card – it stops just underneath the topper on each side! But it doesn’t alter the look of the card in any way, and it means I’ve got more ribbon left to make more cards with. Waste not, want not!

Advent Challenge: Day 12 – Kraft Angels

Day 12: Kraft Angels


Ok, I admit it, I totally stole the ideas for both of these cards from a magazine. But they are so gorgeous, I just had to include them in my challenge! The angels came free, along with matching backing papers, in issue 91 of Simply Cards & Papercraft, which I now subscribe to. But if you can’t get hold of that magazine and want to make something similar, I’m sure there are plenty of similar angel stamps that could be used instead. These angels are actually stickers, so I had to stick them onto some excess cardstock and cut them out before I used them.

Angel with stars – to make this card:

  • Place a border sticker horizontally across the centre of a Kraft card blank.
  • Attach the flying angel over the top with adhesive foam pads.
  • Use a red pen to doodle tiny stars all over the background.


Angel Love – to make this card:

  • Cut out a strip of patchwork backing paper and edge with a brown ink pad to define it.
  • Once dry, glue this strip across an A5 Kraft card blank, about 2/3 of the way up.
  • Mount the ballet angel over the strip and slightly to the right, using adhesive foam pads.
  • In the bottom left corner attach the ‘Love’ sticker.
  • In the bottom right corner, place three clear adhesive gems.
  • Edge the whole card with the same brown inkpad.

I think these cards are just gorgeous, and a big thank you must go to the original designer, Diane Grimshaw. I have another card coming up in this Challenge that utilises these same free papers, but this one will be entirely my own design. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it though!

Advent Challenge: Day 9 – Stars

Day 9: Stars


More magazine freebies! I’m sure they would be quite easy to make from scratch too though, especially if you have a die-cutting machine. These are quite little cards and the stars measure 7cm at the widest point.

To make these cards:

  • Cut out a star shape from the free papers of a magazine, or cut a star shape out from card stock and decorate.
  • Mount the star onto some shiny or iridescent cardstock, and cut out.
  • Highlight around the sides with glitter glue.
  • Mount in the centre of a 10 cm square card using adhesive foam pads
  • Accent each corner using buttons or gems.


The brown cardstock in the ‘Believe’ card is called Kraft card, and seems to be quite fashionable at present. Yes, it’s surprising, but even crafting has its fads and fashions!