Birthday cards

I have two friends with birthdays in August – Jay and Kirsty. I thought I’d share with you the cards I made them. Particularly as it’s Kirsty’s birthday today, and I know she’s already opened her card!

Kirsty’s card


I enjoyed making this. I used a free sample of wallpaper border taken from a DIY store for the background. This has the advantage of being adhesive on the back, so no need for glue! I mounted it onto a square of purple card, and glued some purple glittery foam butterflies and flowers to it. Another piece of purple card with a Happy Birthday peel-off attached was placed across the middle using sticky foam pads. A dab of glitter glue here and there (of course!) and a couple of adhesive gems for flower centres finished it off. I hope Kirsty still likes it as much now she knows it’s a bit of wallpaper!

Jay’s card


I actually used proper card supplies for this one! All things I’d received in a starter kit a few years back from my mother-in-law. I like the monochromatic look, and throwing the silver into the mix just adds a bit of shine. I wanted the flowers to stand out from the card a little, but I didn’t want to use foam pads as it would all be too thick. In the end I placed each flower on a thick foam sheet and pressed down with my finger on each petal. This curled them just enough to stand proud of the backing paper. I used Card Candy in the centre of each to add dimension.

I would like to take this opportunity to promote Jay’s blog here – in October she will be travelling to Uganda to perform eye tests and prescribe glasses for people out there who are functionally blind, simply for the lack of a pair of glasses. Please visit her blog here and read all about her project – she is currently fundraising, and even a donation of £5 will enable Vision Aid Overseas to provide an eye exam and a pair of specs for someone who’s life could be altered by such a simple thing. Thanks..