A – Z challenge: O is for…


O is for organisation. Or in my case, the lack of it :-/

 Ok, I try my best. But somehow stuff still goes missing (that glitter glue I wanted for my ‘G’ post still hasn’t turned up). Sometimes I think there are psychic pixies in my house that come and steal the things I’m about to use the following day. But then again, maybe I just put things down in the wrong place, and forget. Which is more likely? Nope, I’m sticking with the pixie excuse.

 Part of my problem is the size of my craft room. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to even *have* a craft room, but I could do with a bit more elbow room. It’s basically a cupboard, although it has 3 doors and a window, so not a lot of wall space. I think it’s actually where the porch used to be before our house was converted, hence the rather unusual wall:door ratio. 

In my craft room I have crammed as much storage as I can. I was donated a bureau by my sister-in-law, which has 3 huge drawers and a flip down lid to work on. I have stolen a plastic 3-drawer unit from my son which is perfectly sized to take 12×12 scrapbooking papers. I also have an old video cabinet (oh dear, I think that statement gives my age away somewhat!) which I have managed to squeeze in next to the drawers to hold odds and ends. On top of that is an Ikea set of A4 drawers, again donated to me for free, this time by my mother-in-law.


Yet still it seems not to be enough.

 Books are crammed in between the drawers and an enormous box of photos. Brads and buttons are piled up on top, rather precariously, and how gravity and/or my cats haven’t consigned the whole lot of it to the floor I’ll never know. There are scrapbooks leaning against the walls, paper packs, a guillotine, cross-stitch stuff too, all on the floor, awaiting a permanent home which in all likelihood will never come. Every so often I tell myself I’m going to have a really good tidy up in there. I get started, then find something I’ve not seen for ages, get inspired, and 2 hours later have another couple of birthday cards in stock, but an even messier craft room.


(I had to close the bureau lid for this photo, there’s a big higgledy-piggledy pile of stuff inside it!)

Does anyone have any helpful solutions or advice for me? I love the phrase ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’, but I just don’t seem to be able to adhere to it!