I’ve missed the boat a bit for Valentine’s it would seem. Whoops. Regardless, here’s a couple of cards I made on a ‘love’ theme. Valentine’s or not, they could just as easily be used as an anniversary card – which is exactly what I did with the second card.



I found this sweet little heart charm in amongst some bits and pieces I was sent in a swap. Tying the fibre through the tiny hole was tricky, but I love the colours of it. I’m not totally happy with this card as I think the proportions seem wrong, but I reckon I could add some silver writing or peel-offs around the red border to make it look more balanced.

Happy Anniversary


I bought this heart print for the princely sum of about 20p, and used my ProMarkers to colour it in. A matching red mount and some ribbon tied around the card and Robert’s your father’s brother as they say. I’m going to have to buy some more of those prints, they’re so pretty!


Back in the craft room

At last!

Ive finally managed to get back into the craft room today, for the first time since before Christmas. And I do mean literally – my craft room floor has been piled high with all sorts since the week before Christmas when my parents visited, and I just shoved it all in to get it out of the way. I’ve not been able to set more than one foot in there for weeks.

So today was the day. My husband went out for a bike ride and my son helped me transfer all the mess from the craft room to the lounge, to allow more space for sorting (he was bribed in this endeavour with sweets). About half way through I left the room, and when I returned it struck me – what a disaster zone!


It was at this point that I started to frantically try and return things to their rightful homes before my husband got home and wanted to actually sit down! How I managed to fit all that stuff into a room the size of a postage stamp I’ll never know.

Anyway, this evening I managed to actually *do* some craft. Three birthday cards in fact (only one of which has a recipient planned, the others are for ‘stock’).

I’ll share just one with you tonight, the one for my father-in-law, whose birthday is at the end of the month. My mother-in-law gave me these awesome stamps for my birthday, and I think they’re going to get lots of use!


Advent Challenge: Day 21 – Teacake Baubles

Day 21: Teacake Baubles



I’m never known to throw anything away if I can see it has potential. So off the back of yesterday’s post I bring you Leftover-Tunnock’s-Teacake-Wrapper-Baubles. Bit of a mouthful really. Teacake baubles will do. I cut my baubles out freehand (as you can probably tell – most of them are somewhat wonky and not very symmetrical), but you may wish to use a template to make them all the same.

To make this card:

  • Take the leftover sections of patterned teacake wrapper from making a cracker card, and cut out some bauble shapes.
  • Place them on a tall thin dark red pearlescent card blank and arrange them as you wish.
  • Use a ruler to draw a straight dashed line from the top of the card down to the top of each bauble. A silver pen works well for this as it shows up well against the card background and also matches the silver of the baubles.
  • Stick the baubles on with adhesive foam pads.
  • Place a silver peel-off greeting towards the bottom of the card.



The second card uses one less bauble and no peel-off for a less cluttered look. I tend to draw the lines before sticking the baubles on because the baubles are raised off the surface of the card by the foam pads, making it tricky to hold the ruler flush against the card.

It is hard to see in these pictures, but I also coated my baubles with Anita’s 3D Gloss Finish which adds a smooth shiny surface to them. It does take ages to dry though, especially when used quite thickly, so leave the cards overnight if possible, and DON’T touch the surface ‘just to check’ if it’s dry – if you think it might still be wet, it probably is! And yes, I did exactly that, and now have a matt fingerprint in the middle of one of my shiny baubles. One of these days I’ll take my own advice. Until then, I’ll continue to cover all my craft with smudges and fingerprints. *sigh*

Advent Challenge: Day 20 – Tunnocks Teacake Wrapper

Day 20: Tunnocks Teacake Wrapper


You may have seen a version of this card on my blog previously, but I love it so much that I thought I’d share my new version of it with you. I made a few of these last year, but I confess, I stole the idea from another WordPress blog, HomeShoppingSpy. You can read the original article that inspired me here. It’s two years old now, but the idea remains – buy teacakes, eat teacakes, make cards using the wrappers. Really, what more could you ask for?! The main difficulty comes in training the family to remove the wrappers carefully, without tearing them, and without balling them up to make a cat toy either. But once you have a supply of wrappers, the cards are very easy to make.

To make this card:

  • Glue the wrapper onto some plain cardstock and leave to dry.
  • Cut the wrapper into a cracker shape by making a long rectangle, then cutting notches where the central silver circle is.
  • Tie two lengths of ribbon into a bow around the notches.
  • Attach the cracker to a Kraft card blank using adhesive foam pads.
  • Using a red pen, draw little stars over the background, and write a greeting in the bottom corner.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what you can use the leftover bits of wrapper for…

Advent Challenge: Day 16 – Christmas Pups

Day 16: Christmas pups


I don’t do a lot of stamping. I’ve never really got into it. As a result, I don’t have very many stamps, and even fewer Christmas stamps. It’s silly really, because stamping is such an easy way to make lots of quick Christmas cards to the same design. So I was excited to see an absolutely gorgeous set of Christmas dog stamps, free with a magazine (again!). I was even more excited because the pups in the stamps look just like my friend Jay’s dog Max (even though he is a Westie, not a Scottie). I bought the mag solely for the stamps, and I’m so glad I did because they have made some beautiful cards. Here are a couple of very straightforward little cards I made with a couple of the stamps in the set.

By the way, the card above has been rubber stamp embossed using a black embossing powder and heat gun which gives it a raised and shiny look, which has a lot of impact. In contrast, the card below was stamped with just brown ink. It gives a much more subtle look to the image.

To make this card:

  • Stamp and emboss an image of a pup in a Santa hat. Use black ink and black embossing powder for impact.
  • Colour in parts of the image using marker pens.
  • Trim to leave a neat and even border around the image, then mount onto dark blue cardstock, leaving a 3 mm border.
  • Stick this onto matt silver cardstock, this time leaving a 7 mm border.
  • Finally, use adhesive foam pads to mount this topper to the centre of a 9 x 11 cm deckle-edge card blank.


To make this card:

  • Stamp an image of a pup wearing reindeer antlers onto some plain white cardstock using brown ink.
  • Colour in the image with marker pens
  • Trim the cardstock to leave a neat even border around the stamped image, then mount it onto green card leaving a 3 mm border.
  • Mount this topper onto an iridescent red 10 cm square card blank using adhesive foam pads.
  • Place a black ‘Happy Christmas’ peel-off in the bottom right corner.


The card above is very similar to the one I’ve made for Jay – her parents have a black Scottie, and she has her Max, a West Highland White. On her card I’ve made sure I’ve coloured the pups collars to match the colours that they wear in real life. I’ve also coloured it so that the black dog is pulling the white one too – this year Max tragically became paralysed from the waist down (Jay takes him for walks now in a doggie wheelchair), and I love that in this card Max’s friend is giving him a helping hand 🙂


Advent Challenge: Day 12 – Kraft Angels

Day 12: Kraft Angels


Ok, I admit it, I totally stole the ideas for both of these cards from a magazine. But they are so gorgeous, I just had to include them in my challenge! The angels came free, along with matching backing papers, in issue 91 of Simply Cards & Papercraft, which I now subscribe to. But if you can’t get hold of that magazine and want to make something similar, I’m sure there are plenty of similar angel stamps that could be used instead. These angels are actually stickers, so I had to stick them onto some excess cardstock and cut them out before I used them.

Angel with stars – to make this card:

  • Place a border sticker horizontally across the centre of a Kraft card blank.
  • Attach the flying angel over the top with adhesive foam pads.
  • Use a red pen to doodle tiny stars all over the background.


Angel Love – to make this card:

  • Cut out a strip of patchwork backing paper and edge with a brown ink pad to define it.
  • Once dry, glue this strip across an A5 Kraft card blank, about 2/3 of the way up.
  • Mount the ballet angel over the strip and slightly to the right, using adhesive foam pads.
  • In the bottom left corner attach the ‘Love’ sticker.
  • In the bottom right corner, place three clear adhesive gems.
  • Edge the whole card with the same brown inkpad.

I think these cards are just gorgeous, and a big thank you must go to the original designer, Diane Grimshaw. I have another card coming up in this Challenge that utilises these same free papers, but this one will be entirely my own design. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it though!

Advent Challenge: Day 8 – Book Page Tree

Day 8: Book Page Trees


I’ve made loads of these this year! Great for making bulk lots of cards as they are quick, easy and cheap to make, and can easily be made unique, or even tailored to your recipient!

This year I’ve seen a few people using book pages in their craft – mainly on ATCs – and I’ve had a go at a few myself. Although to start with I did have problems with the mere fact that I had to destroy a book in order to use its pages! I’ve found that I am more mentally capable of such a dreadful crime (!) if the book book is old and tatty anyway. So I bought an old art book from a charity shop, and carefully took it apart so I could use it in my craft. I’ve used the picture pages to make some gorgeous handmade envelopes, and the written pages to use on these Christmas cards.

To make these cards:

  • Tear a page from an old book into rough Christmas tree shaped triangles.
  • Use green chalks to colour the trees, particularly highlighting the torn edges.
  • Glue the tree to the centre of a white square card blank
  • Draw a short trunk at the bottom of the tree using a brown marker pen
  • Decorate the tree!

There is so much scope for decorating the trees individually. In the two examples here I’ve used adhesive pearls for baubles in one, and glitter glue for tinsel in the other. I’ve also used adhesive gems, brads, peel-off borders (which can also be coloured with permanent markers), and fibres. You can tailor a card to your recipient’s favourite colour very easily if you want too. At the top of the tree I’ve used star-shaped gems, but again, you could use pretty much anything that’s starry or sparkly!


You’ll notice that I’ve used my book page with the writing running vertically. This is another example of me being frugal! It’s quite easy to tear a series of diagonal lines down a page and get lots of triangles, but if I had done this with the page horizontal, half of my trees would have had upside-down writing on. I’m sure this wouldn’t bother plenty of people, but for some reason I didn’t like the idea, but could happily tolerate sideways writing – go figure! The result was that I ended up using the entire sheet, and only threw away a tiny border from around each edge. So just one book page (approx A4) has made about a dozen cards, and I still have some left over!

Another variation I have made on this theme is using a piece of sheet music (bought for 20p in a charity shop) in the same way. In this one I’ve used purple fibre as tinsel, and put a purple gem brad in each corner of the card.