Book page ATCs

I had to make an orange ATC for a Swap-Bot swap, and was struggling for inspiration for ages. Then I made two in the space of one evening! Part of my inspiration came from a most bizarre source. I stepped outside my house on the way to pick my son up from school one day, and on my driveway lay a single page of a book. It was slightly torn and yellowed, but I could see its potential straight away. That evening, I made these.


I used part of the book page as a background, using the tear as the lower edge of it. The bottom part of the backing is actually a bit of a Weetabix packet (hey, it’s orange!). I painted over the backing with some orange paint (ok, Isaac’s orange paint!), but just lightly so that the words still showed through a little. I mounted a butterfly onto the backing using foam pads, and attached a double layer of paper flowers using a brad.



Found poetry: haiku

My friend Kirsty introduced me to ‘found poetry’. This is where you take the page of a book or magazine, and select some of the words to create a poem. As I particularly love the form of the haiku (a line of five syllables, then seven, then five again) I wanted to ‘find’ a haiku within the book page that had itself been ‘found’. I used the same orange paint to cover up the unwanted words (probably too thickly actually, if I was to do another I would want to leave the covered words slightly visible, more like in the ATC above). I circled each used word in black ink, and linked them together in order. I’m pretty pleased with how this has come out actually – it is art in several forms, in a tiny 3.5 x 2.5 inch ATC.