Advent Challenge: Day 10 – Blue Bauble

Day 10: Blue Bauble


In the past, I do seem to have stuck with the traditional red and green as theme colours on my Christmas cards. This year I seem to have made quite a few blue ones! I took inspiration from this one from bits that I had dug out of the bottom of my Tardis-like Christmas craft drawer. The main parts of this card – the bauble topper and the backing paper – I seem to have had forever, but just never got around to using. I like how the swirly shapes on the backing paper seem to echo the shape of the bauble, even if the colours aren’t a perfect match.

To make this card:

  • Mount a bauble topper onto a 2.5″ square of plain white cardstock using adhesive foam pads.
  • Edge this square with a narrow silver peel-off border.
  • Attach this to  a square of dark blue cardstock with double sided tape, leaving a small border all around.
  • Use foam pads to fix this square topper to the top right corner of a square card blank.
  • Cover the left-hand 1.5″ of the card blank with blue swirly backing paper.
  • Place a decorative silver border peel-off down the edge of this paper, to mask the join.
  • Finally, place a greeting peel-off in the gap underneath the topper.

When I cover the folding edge of a card with backing paper, I tend to wrap it around and secure it with double sided tape on the back of the card. This helps to give a nice even finish to the fold, and lessens the risk of the paper coming loose or getting dog-eared on the front.


Advent Challenge: Day 2 – Triple Wooden Christmas Tree

Day 2: Triple Wooden Christmas Tree


Yesterday I showed you my tall glitter Christmas tree card. Remember that I had to trim the edge off an A5 sheet of glitter card ? Well, long-time readers of my blog will already know that I am not one for throwing anything away, and so you will see the off-cut used on today’s card. This is a great design that can be tweaked to accomodate pretty much any sort of topper – Christmas, birthday, baby – and can work either vertically or horizontally.

I’m afraid I have no idea where I got the little wooden trees. I sometimes wonder if my Christmas craft drawer breeds throughout the year, as there always seems to be items I’d forgotten about in it, no matter how many times I rummage through! These toppers were self-adhesive though, which made for a fantastically quick card.

To make this card:

  • Take a 2 cm wide strip of green glitter paper and stick along the middle of a tall thin card blank, trimming the edges to fit if necessary
  • Adhere a red Christmas tree topper in the middle of the strip, and two white ones to either side
  • Create a doodled border top and bottom with a green pen – here I have used a simple dot-dash design

Making a series of cards like this would be very easy – using different coloured papers across the middle, or some patterned and some plain, would quickly make your cards look unique.