Advent Challenge: Day 21 – Teacake Baubles

Day 21: Teacake Baubles



I’m never known to throw anything away if I can see it has potential. So off the back of yesterday’s post I bring you Leftover-Tunnock’s-Teacake-Wrapper-Baubles. Bit of a mouthful really. Teacake baubles will do. I cut my baubles out freehand (as you can probably tell – most of them are somewhat wonky and not very symmetrical), but you may wish to use a template to make them all the same.

To make this card:

  • Take the leftover sections of patterned teacake wrapper from making a cracker card, and cut out some bauble shapes.
  • Place them on a tall thin dark red pearlescent card blank and arrange them as you wish.
  • Use a ruler to draw a straight dashed line from the top of the card down to the top of each bauble. A silver pen works well for this as it shows up well against the card background and also matches the silver of the baubles.
  • Stick the baubles on with adhesive foam pads.
  • Place a silver peel-off greeting towards the bottom of the card.



The second card uses one less bauble and no peel-off for a less cluttered look. I tend to draw the lines before sticking the baubles on because the baubles are raised off the surface of the card by the foam pads, making it tricky to hold the ruler flush against the card.

It is hard to see in these pictures, but I also coated my baubles with Anita’s 3D Gloss Finish which adds a smooth shiny surface to them. It does take ages to dry though, especially when used quite thickly, so leave the cards overnight if possible, and DON’T touch the surface ‘just to check’ if it’s dry – if you think it might still be wet, it probably is! And yes, I did exactly that, and now have a matt fingerprint in the middle of one of my shiny baubles. One of these days I’ll take my own advice. Until then, I’ll continue to cover all my craft with smudges and fingerprints. *sigh*


Advent Challenge: Day 20 – Tunnocks Teacake Wrapper

Day 20: Tunnocks Teacake Wrapper


You may have seen a version of this card on my blog previously, but I love it so much that I thought I’d share my new version of it with you. I made a few of these last year, but I confess, I stole the idea from another WordPress blog, HomeShoppingSpy. You can read the original article that inspired me here. It’s two years old now, but the idea remains – buy teacakes, eat teacakes, make cards using the wrappers. Really, what more could you ask for?! The main difficulty comes in training the family to remove the wrappers carefully, without tearing them, and without balling them up to make a cat toy either. But once you have a supply of wrappers, the cards are very easy to make.

To make this card:

  • Glue the wrapper onto some plain cardstock and leave to dry.
  • Cut the wrapper into a cracker shape by making a long rectangle, then cutting notches where the central silver circle is.
  • Tie two lengths of ribbon into a bow around the notches.
  • Attach the cracker to a Kraft card blank using adhesive foam pads.
  • Using a red pen, draw little stars over the background, and write a greeting in the bottom corner.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what you can use the leftover bits of wrapper for…

Up-cycled ATCs

So. You already know that I can’t bear to throw away anything that could possibly be one day useful for crafting. And here is some more proof.


This is a bit of a cheaty ATC really. The little ‘dude’ is actually cut from a pair of swimming trunks my son had grown out of. It was just the perfect size!! I mounted it onto card, put a matching green brad in each corner, and coloured a white ATC blank to match, and stuck it on. Pretty straightforward really, but too cute!



More ‘rubbish’ used up. I always keep the remnants of cross-stitch thread I have left at the end of a project. For this ATC I just took two lengths of blue thread that were about 5 or 6 inches long, painted a dark blue ATC blank with PVA glue, and randomly draped the threads across the ATC. Once it had dried I realised that some bits of it hadn’t stuck very well, so I painted another coat of the glue on, and now it’s all secure, and nice and shiny. The three little blue flower gems in the centre just give it some focus.


Punched heart ATCs

I was recently lucky enough to win a random envelope of crafty goodies from someone on Swap-Bot. She sent me all sorts of bits and pieces, and nestled at the bottom of the envelope was a hoarde of teeny tiny punched hearts, made from loads of different types of paper. There must have been well over a hundred of them in there, but out of all of the other lovely stuff she sent, it was those teeny tiny hearts that got the creative juices flowing. Here’s what I came up with.

Heart of Hearts

I just couldn’t resist this. I drew a very rough heart on a red ATC blank in pencil, and then proceeded to cover it up with the little heart punches. I have no idea how many I used, but I still had plenty left over! I love the fact that the hearts are all different colours, and made from different papers (in fact, some of them are clearly punches from book pages – something I’d not thought of doing before, but may well try in the future). To finish it off, I wrote the word ‘love’ in the bottom corner, and covered the whole of the big heart in Anita’s Clear Gloss Finish to give it added shine and really make it stand out. It also makes the surface nice and smooth, and the chance of any of the little hearts falling off now is extremely slim!


Patchwork Flowers

As I still had so many hearts left over, I promptly made another ATC. For this one I divvied the hearts up into 4 groups of five (I tried to make sure I had a selection of colours and papers in each set). By placing the five hearts in a circle I created a sweet little flower. Four of these mounted on some gingham style backing paper, with adhesive gems in the centre looks really cute. I used a brown pen to draw around the flowers to highlight them, and made a zig-zag border around the whole lot.


I think that punching out tiny shapes is a fantastic way to use up any little scraps of pretty papers you have left over from other projects. By saving them up, eventually you’ll have enough to make something else. Just another reason not to throw stuff away!

Rainbow wallpaper ATCs

These are not your ordinary wallpaper samples! I nabbed a sample of some white textured wallpaper a few weeks back, as I thought it might look good painted. I cut the sample up into squares of about 6″ or so, and my son and I set down with his paints. He did a couple of pictures, whilst I set about preparing some unusual backgrounds. I painted a few squares in single colours, to create potential backing papers. Then I decided to use multiple colours, and this is what I ended up with. I made sure that I only painted lightly, so that the texture still shows through.

Rainbow Owl

I love my rainbow colours, so painting a rainbow backing page was obvious to me. To make the ATC I simply mounted the wallpaper onto some card to make it sturdy, and glued on a rather unusually coloured owl! The owl was, I think, cut from some free papers from a craft magazine, and I coloured him in with my marker pens. I love his bright yellow eyes!


Wallpaper Rainbow

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll recognise this quote. It’s one I use a lot, because it works so well with rainbows. Before I painted this one I made sure it was pretty much cut to an ATC size as I didn’t want to end up cutting off one side of the rainbow or something equally daft. Writing the quote onto a thin strip of plain white card was like revisiting my childhood – I used to love writing every different letter in a different colour! After I cut the strip up I coloured the edges in with a marker pen – my marker pens tend to bleed into certain types of card, giving quite a rough finish to the edging. I thought this worked really well with the textured look of the backing.


Ephemera ATCs

Ephemera is defined as something that is used or enjoyed for a short time only, or something that was only expected to have short term usefulness, for example a train ticket, or theatre programme. I regard using ephemera in my craft as a form of recycling – often ephemera is something that most people would throw away, but a hoarder like me would keep!

I’ve recently made a couple of ATCs using *my* definition of ephemera.

En Francais

Someone sent me a gorgeous notecard in a beautiful matching envelope. I’ve kept the notecad, but thought that the envelope was just too pretty to just throw away. So I cut it up, and used it on an ATC. The backing paper is the design from the inside of the envelope, and the little mock-stamps and images of France decorated the outside of it. I had fairly recently received a page from an old French dictionary in a swap, so I found a suitable word, cut it out, mounted it on a bit of ribbon, and arranged all the other bits around it. I outlined each of the images and also the ATC itself with a red pen to match the ribbon, et voila!



Friday afternoon

No, this ATC was not named for when it was made, but more because this is what I require to get me through a Friday afternoon! Someone sent me some ribbon in a swap, which was wrapped around a piece of card from a pack of Hershey’s chocolate. I just couldn’t resist cutting out the square of chocolate from the packaging and using it on an ATC! The lovely chocolate brown striped ribbon top and bottom works perfectly with the main focus, and I added the buttons in the corners just to finish it off.



When you start crafting, especially making ATCs which are so tiny, but can be created from anything and everything, you really start to look at the things around you differently. I love being able to use ‘trash’ in my craft – you can’t get away with it as much in card making, but with ATCs there are no rules really, apart from size. Your imagination can go wild, and it’s great to see the range of crazy art your brain can come out with, if you only let it!

A – Z challenge: Z is for…

Z is for a ‘Z is for…’ ATC.

This one proved to be too difficult to think of a relevant craft-related word, so I took it as a craft-related challenge instead.
In a space of just 3.5″ x 2.5″ I have managed to squeeze no less than five ‘Z’ words: zoo, zebra, zig-zag (ribbon), zip, and zirconia (so it’s actually just two adhesive gems stuck to the big ‘Z’ but cut me some slack, okay?!).
This was a tricky one, but very enjoyable. I liked the challenge of it! So, as if I don’t already have enough to do, I’d like you to comment on this post, and challenge me to make another ATC, to your own demands. I promise to post the results! 😉